This Musical Journey

As with  most things we do in life, its not just about the destination, its the Journey and how we got there.  Please meet some of the friends who helped me on this Journey.

Anthony Graves

grayscale painting

Please meet Anthony Graves, one of my great friends!  He is a talented painter, artist and a wonderful keyboard coach!  I've known Anthony for over 10 years now. 

Anthony was with me from the very beginning when I told him how I was writing songs from a ministry CD.  It meant the world to me for him to paint a rendition of a "journey" for me that would go in inside of the CD. 

Anthony knew how long we prayed and worked to get this CD done and was able to take that and express it in the beautiful painting that you see here.  

He paints live on youtube and Facebook. If you need a special painting, a logo Anthony is your guy!

Please find him here on Youtube:

And here on Facebook:

"The Journey" by Anthony Graves