Producer and Songwriter Its Floria


Floria is an independent songwriter, producer and singer. She is ordained and called to teach. She sings and teaches at her ministry Its Floria Ministries bi-weekly. 

"I Kept Believing" is her second solo album. In partnership with Exective Producer Ray Love of NG Entertainment she has brought forth a collection of songs to be ministered to her followers.  

"This album was a challenge of faith for me. My voice and sound were not Gospel. So this made it challenging for me to fit into the gospel radio venues. There were many times I contemplated changing what I truly was in order to be accepted and fit in. Therefore, it was important to me to find a producer who could accentuate MY sound and build upon my ministry."

Thankfully, I was able to find MY sound and MY voice because of the gifted and talented musicans who surrounded me.

Next, I would like to begin spreading my message of Purpose and Ownership as I sing and travel to minister in different venues.

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Keep Believing

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