Here's to a Busy and Prosperous Year!

2020 Entrepreneurial Aspirations 

This year I would really like to launch my own makeup line! I've been doing the research to see how I could get it done. As soon as I find a nice man with money and get married, I am going to start looking into pushing my own line of skincare and makeup.

I was talking with a friend of mine and he was stating how things came up for him when God sent him the right wife. When you have the right partner and the two of you can come into agreement, you can build something really solid! By yourself you are limited in your scope and ability. But when you have a willing partner who will work with you - the sky is the limit. 

So this is definitely a 2020 goal! 

2019 Washington DC

I Stand Parent Network conference 2019

I'm totally stocked to be heading out to Washington D.C.for the 2019 I Stand Parent Network. God has blessed me to be able to be a part of this wonderful event. I recorded a wonderful song with them which I will be anxious to share with you as soon as it is released. For now, I'm like waiting with baited breath to hear it. They also recorded a series of videos which I am also anxious to see. Randy Murphy wrote the beautiful song "Shine the Light" that was blessed to sing with other vocalist such as Nidhi.   

It is a powerhouse, passionate song for left behind mothers and fathers as they fight to have their children and visitations restored.  Please bookmark this site, as I will be updating with the videos and songs.  

This will actually be my first time to Washington DC and I am very excited.