Pre-Release Promo for "Shine the Light"

Pre-Release of shine the light

ZAMJAMZ on Ruckus Avenue Radio

Recently I recorded a song along with several other featured vocalists and the song was featured on ZamJamz, Episode 8, this past Friday, July 19.

When the episode has been released I will post the audio from the show here.  I enjoyed the opportunity to sing on this wonderful song.

Washington, D.C. - What a Trip It Was!

What A Trip It Was!  

To God Be All of the Glory
Sometimes you have to give the glory where it belongs, and in this case, it belongs to God.  I didn't see this trip coming.  It came out of the blue and took me by surprise. I had just started my ministry and it was not a trip that I could budget in. However, God provided EVERYTHING that I needed to get to Washington!  EVERY SINGLE, LITTLE DETAIL - even down to a purse! I lacked NOTHING.

I prayed all the way up there and back saying "God! What is this about? You've NEVER done this before.  Not like this!" I ran into God's love everywhere.  I tripped over it when I wasn't watching my step.  I sat down next to it. His goodness and His mercy were following me. It was clearing the path before me. So before I tell you about the trip, I had to tell you about the ONE who made the trip possible.

So first, the I Stand Parent Network wanted to produce a theme song for their organization and thus, they were seeking a vocalist. I went into Electric Lotus Studios and recorded their song along with several other vocalists.  I made friends with all of the cast members from that day.


The first thing I noticed about Washington was how GREEN it was.  Trees liter the highway.  My sinuses went on the offense and I hacked and coughed all the way from the airport to the AirBnB.  My Uber driver thought it was the AC that was choking me up.

My plane came in at 4 p.m. and we got stuck in rush hour traffic and my friend Kat was like "send me pictures!" So this pic's for you Kat!  See all the cars piled up in front of us!

By far, only ugliest thing I saw in Washington was their Metro!  It looked as if it had been built in the early 60's and never renovated. Maybe they have different ones, but this was the one running along the 66 Highway leaving the Dulles Airport into Arlington, VA. 

We stayed in this quaint little AirBnB in front of the brown car.  It was a two bedroom apartment that slept 7 of us.  I saw mostly working professionals and NO children at all.

The houses were very affluent and the streets went up and downhill.  It was a safe and quiet neighborhood.

When I got to Arlington, I was hungry so I had the Uber driver stop me at a place called Burger 7.  Which incidentally had burgers for $7.00! (That did not include the fries!)

As soon as I got in and put my bags on the bed, I met the others and they were on their way off to check out the site for the mixer they had planned the next night.  It was a lovely beer garden called "Wundergarten."

It is an open outdoor garden that sells German crafted beers (for $10.00!)  If your joints are aching and sore, if your feet are hurting and there's pain running down your left leg, or you have any sciatica or back pain - one beer will do the trick!  

They play a little music, and ask trivia questions and the winner wins something -  I have no idea what it is.




We actually went there for both nights and had a catered event the second night.  On the second day, a really bad storm hit, and there was a tornado warning, and then it blew past, the clouds moved and the sun came right back out! Like go figure!

I had the lovliest Host, Noelle Hunter.  She is one freaking amazing woman.  She moderated the conferences, the Award Ceremonies, picked up food for catering, organized marches and still took us to see a few sites! I truly appreciate her.  I KNOW her ankle was swollen, she was exhausted, her shoulders were throbbing with pain and all she wanted in the world was to lay down! And she still did not let me leave Washington without seeing a couple sites - the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.

As tired as she was, she pushed on! I've never seen such a woman! God Bless Her! She made the trip such a blessing!



Do you see a person skilled in his work? He will stand in the presence of kings. He will not stand in the presence of the unknown.


A man’s gift opens doors for him, and brings him before great men.

Music is a beautiful tool and I thank God for giving me this opportunity. I truly enjoyed the trip to D.C. and pray that God will give me more opportunities to travel and sing. The organization created several versions of the song; an International version, a gospel version, an instrumental version and a choir version.  I wish you could hear them.  But the organization is currently actively working on marketing and promoting the songs. So, I've told you all about the trip and the song that got me there, but have nothing for you to hear!  When the song is released by the organization, I will post it here and update the blog.

I enjoyed this experience. It has been the highlight of the year - thus far.  Now it's back to building the ministry, writing songs and working on a new CD. I'm praying that more opportunities like this will open up for me as I pursue what God has for me to do.

There is a special place in my heart for Noelle Hunter.  I was so looking forward to meeting her.  I had heard SO many wonderful things about her and was honored and excited to meet her.  I took secret notes and watched her strength and tenacity. Her daughter Mya was abducted and taken out of the country and she fought like hell to get her baby back.  Then, she didn't stop. She started fighting for all of the other parents who went through what she went through.  I thought that was incredible.  Did I say she is also a single working mother too?!! I watched her go morning til night overseeing this conference.  It was a great pleasure to meet a woman of her caliber and stature.

While in Washington, I did make one friend, Secret Serviceman Johnson.  He assisted us as we marched on the different embassies and as we stopped at the Ghandi stature to take photos. I must say that all of the servicemen and women who escorted us from embassy to embassy were the most kind and courteous.  They were supportive, helpful and never harassed us,