Every Word God Has Spoken Over My Life Shall Succeed

New Music

I have finished production on a great song that I am very excited about. I'm looking forward to releasing it very soon and ready to start singing and performing it. It was arranged by Producer Chris Adams and Mixed by Producer Jimmy Brown. It is called "Behold, I Do A New Thing." 

This song fits appropriately what God is doing in my life right now - something new. I feel that it is the best song I've written this year and I know that it is going to bless the people of God. 

Come into Agreement with what God has said concerning you.”

Words and Altars

everything in life is built on them

Everything comes out of the spiritual realm first. All of life is spoken and created in the spiritual realm. IT IS AS YOU SAY IT IS! So say it is well with you! Keep your altar prayed up and your words alive and strong. So shall it be well with you in Jesus Name.