Floria Franchelle

Floria Franchelle

Floria Franchelle

"New Thing"

Indie Artist Workshop

Artist Workshop and Showcase

for singers, songwriters and producers

Hey, we're I putting together a workshop for singers, songwriters and producers. The purpose of the workshop is to mentor new artists in the art of producing their first project. 

There are a billion singers. A couple thousand artists. And a handful of songwriters. You can be a star singer performing covers, but you don't become an artist until you start carving out your own unique footprint. You as an artist tells the world your story and who you are. Therefore, at some point, you have to start carving out your own niche and singing your own songs.

So that's easier said that done because not everybody is a songwriter. 

So if you are a singer and you want your own songs, where do you go? Where do you start? Where do you find songwriter? Where do you find a producer? 

That's what this workshop is about - getting you started to your own unique artistry.

So stay tuned I'll be bringing you more information!

It's Floria